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The Llano Film Society was formed in 2011 with the objective of showing interesting, non-mainstream movies at the Lantex Theater with a particular focus on movies that are made in Texas or by Texas producers/directors. The film society has been particularly successful in bringing the producers/directors of  Texas made movies to the Lantex to introduce their movies and to talk about them afterwards.


The film society has also brought to the theater movies made in Iceland, Ireland, China, Germany and France.


There is no charge for membership of the film society. We charge only for attending film society movies at the Lantex. This is necessary in order to cover the necessary cost of a license to show the movie. We usually aim to have a film society movie each month on the Thursday evening before the Llano Country Opry. The movie will usually begin at 6:30 pm but doors open at 6:00 pm so members can get together for a social gathering. Bring snacks and drinks to share! Notifications of events are sent out by email. In order to join the film society, simply send your email address to:


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A Dockumentary

Thursday, June 15
Doors Open at 6:00 pm
Movie starts at 6:30 pm 


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